Adino is committed to making a difference in the community.  We believe that we can change a community by affecting the lives of individuals, one at a time.  We're committed to creating a diverse environment that is reflective of the country in which we live.

The very nature of our business, which is connecting people with jobs, speaks to our social responsibility.  Connecting people with jobs allows our employees to provide for themselves and for their families, and sets the groundwork for obtaining the American dream.

We believe that this is only the beginning of our social responsibility, and we're committed to changing the community in which we work and live, and we dare to believe that we can change inner-city and disadvantaged communities by investing in the products of those communities one person at a time.

To that end, we've established our principal place of business in Chicago Heights, IL, which is federally recognized as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), and borders Ford Heights, IL, which is recognized as one of the poorest communities in Illinois and the United States (US).

We believe that in the diverse culture that makes up the United States, that there are untapped and talented resources in both disadvantaged communities and HUBZones alike, and we're committed to hiring at least 35% of our workforce from these communities.

In addition to hiring from within disadvantaged and HUBZone communities we also provide training for our employees, which allow them to improve their skills and position themselves for career advancement.

We believe that we are our brother's keeper and that it's our responsibility to help create a future for socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and every time you contract with us for any of our service offerings, you help us meet our social and economic goals, one disadvantaged individual at a time.